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5736   parts listed.
4930 parts available to service providers.
0 parts available to the public.

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Welcome to the members of NESDA of Ohio to our new Forums and Boiled Frog Parts
as a member benefit. The more good parts available, the better our product.

Have you looked at your shelves or service truck and thought of the money you have tied up in parts that you haven't used in awhile?

Those parts are called stranded capital. Yours! That's money on the shelf (or truck) earning no interest, paying any bills or going into your pocket.

Are you a service company with a long history?

Have a bunch of "vintage" parts?

Looking for vintage parts?
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Visit our Market as a guest. Search for PCB's, discrete components,
pulled working chassis and much more.

Many stranded parts you have may be needed by another service company that
are not available or discontinued. But they have a job that can use it. On this
market place you can convert those stranded dollars into cash.

Other than used products or accessory items, parts are not sold to the public but
are sold between service companies. There is an element of trust and confidence
here that you won't find on other websites selling parts.

We welcome ALL service providers; Audio, Appliance, Computer, Phone, TV and Video.

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